Virtual Reality & Telepresence

The NiMC project combines two relatively new technologies, virtual reality (VR) and telepresence robotics, to create distance-based social interactions between learners and mentors in the maker context. The purpose of using these tools is to provide opportunities for teams of youth and mentors to collaborate regardless of geographic location and to creatively problem solve and innovate. This project also explores the use of virtual tools to make physical things in collaborative environments.

VR Collaborations

Virtual Reality

Collaborations in VR for teaching & learning as well as collaborative design.

Vr to real world

VR to Real World

A process of digital creation in VR to the physical manifestation of the product in the real world using the fabrication tools in the makerspace.



Telepresence robotics is used in direct instruction, co-teaching, just-in-time instruction, and tours of the space.